Im moving on….

Hello friends,

Exactly four years ago yesterday, I walked into a police station in Amsterdam, Holland because I needed to take responsibility for some mistakes that I had made and to face the consequences of these choices.

I have spent every day since then trying to figure out how, what and why things happened the way they did and I have come to some conclusions.

The first conclusion is that I need to stop trying to figure everything out. I feel like it is driving me into madness. Those of you that have been following my blog have seen this happening. On my blog, you have watched a man going through a very painful acceptance process.

The second conclusion is that it is time for me now to stop looking back. I know where I went wrong and I know why I went wrong and I cannot change the past. I have learned from my mistakes, taken the action necessary to make sure that it wont happen again.

More than this, I cannot do.

It is time now for me to move on into a new season of my life and for this I am truly grateful. I have a new mission in my life.

I wont be posting anymore here on the website unless it has something to do with my new adventures.

I am very grateful to those of you that have supported me and prayed for me over the years. You cannot imagine how much it has meant to me.

I am moving on.

Keith Bakker

Contact info.

Hallo vrienden,

Ik ben bereikbaar via email . Mijn adres is;

Stuur mij AUB geen negatieve energie mijn kant op. Ik heb daar genoeg van gehad.

For my English speaking friends, I can be reached at the email address above.

Please don’t send any negative energy my way. I have had enough of that!


Keith Bakker